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Wire Towing Eyes are the complete answer for easy and positive recovery of any type of Motor Sport vehicle.  They are manufactured from 6mm 7×19 stainless steel wire which is crimped with a copper ferrule, thereby avoiding corrosion which can occur with cheaper products using steel and aluminium.  The unit, which is 300mm long, is finished with a bright coloured plastic covered tow-loop.

The wire should be securely attached to the sub-frame or chassis leaving the 60mm diameter tow-eye protruding from the bumper or grille.  A soft tag is attached in case the loop drops back inside the bumper or grille.  This allows the tow-wire to be retrieved easily.

The wire has been tested and has a breaking point in excess of 2.6 tons, which is approximately twice the weight of even a large motor sport vehicle.

The MSA Regulations  recommend four per car (like the BTCC).

Price per unit £12.00 including VAT and free delivery (for any number)

* Also now available in Orange

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